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Backpacker Hostels cater to the backpacker’s needs and are the preferred choice for budget travelers. Hostels usually offer single beds in private rooms, doubles, or dorm rooms. Dorm rooms typically contain 6 to 12 bunk beds from which you get your choice. Most hostels only allow travelers under the age of 30 and there is typically a limit on the number of nights you are permitted stay. Beds usually come with a heavy blanket and a pillow. Many hostels require that you either rent sheets or use your sleeping bag.

Private and double rooms often come with a private shower. These rooms go pretty quick and usually require a reservation well in advance. More often then not, you will be stuck in a dorm room. You’ll have access to a community shower. Community showers vary from hostel to hostel. However, don’t expect too much and always bring a pair of flip-flops.

Hostels are becoming more and more modern. Many hostels provide internet access, laundry, and free breakfast. Use your travel reference to find a hostel that satisfies your needs. Breakfast is served during a specific time period. Be sure you know when breakfast time is so you don’t miss it. Many hostels also provide access to a community kitchen. Vending machines are also common.

During the daytime, there is usually a lockout time from early morning to late afternoon when the rooms are being cleaned. Most hostels provide free lockers but you’ll probable have to either rent a lock or use your own. Keep your pack locked up and spend the day sight seeing. In the evening, Backpacker Hostels provide a social setting. There are typically community area with couches, TV’s, pool tables, etc. where you can hang out and mingle with other travelers. Bars inside the hostels are also common and offer cheap drinks. As the evening rolls on, you may want to set out into the night with your new friends. However, be aware that many hostels have curfews.

Backpacker Hostels are very affordable. Prices are usually around twenty-five dollars per night. Since backpackers are almost always on the go, there isn’t much need for more. However, when the going gets tough, many backpackers find relief at budget hotels. From time to time it’s nice to stay at a hotel where you can sleep in, get a hot shower, and most importantly have some privacy. Discounts are often available on the weekends when business travelers are away. Don’t forget…if you’re traveling with a group, budget hotels can be as inexpensive as hostels.