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Travel between destinations can be difficult. Dealing with schedules can be especially frustrating. When possible, it is best to plan your travel schedule well in advance. When traveling by train, timetable booklets are not always accurate. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit the information desk at the train station a day or so in advance and firm up your plans. Long journeys often require reservations in addition to tickets. If your journey is longer then six hours, you may want to consider reserving a sleeper on an overnight train. Sleep reservation are relatively inexpensive and can save you the cost of a hostel or hotel. The difference between first class and second class are usually minimal. Therefore, there is no reason to shell out the extra cash.

As with inner city travel, it is important to weigh the pros and cons when deciding whether to purchase single destination tickets or multi-destination tickets. For travel throughout Europe, there are multiple options. A Eurorail pass can be purchased that is valid for unlimited travel during a specific time period or a Eurorail Select pass can be purchased that allows travel within a certain number of countries for a certain number of days.

Non-American owned airlines offer great deals on travel and you can cut your travel time way down. For travel within Central and South America, you are limited mostly to bus travel. Bus travel is typically less comfortable then train or air travel. However, the fares are cheaper. You have to make due with what’s available.